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Wolfgang Duhr

COO gamigo Group (2023)



Wolfgang Duhr (1976) has more than 25 years’ experience and a proven track record within the PC and video games industry and holding a professional degree in business economics. Wolfgang has held a series of leadership positions at different companies like Infogrames, Electronic Arts Partner Studios or Kalypso Media Group. Within the gamigo Group, he is responsible for operations in publishing and games development at the Hamburg, Berlin, and Austin-based studios KingsIsle.

Carrier Highlights:

Wolfgang Duhr had a significant influence on international well-known IPs like ANNO, Jagged Alliance, STALKER, or Tropico and was also integral part to bring various IPs from Warner or TV Shows like The Voice to the video- and mobile game sector. Wolfgang has acted as a founder and investor in the games industry on several occasions in the past and has successfully supported both developers and publishers in business development in areas such as restructuring, publishing, financing, and IPOs.

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Wolfgang Duhr