Mary Ann Halford

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Mary Ann Halford (1958)

Non-Executive Director and Board Member since 2022

Education/background: Mary Ann Halford (US National) is a true industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in actively building businesses in the media and entertainment industry in the US and internationally. Mary Ann has worked as both an operator and a consultant/advisor globally. As an operator, one of her significant accomplishments was establishing the Fox International Channels Group, from its initial platform of channels in Latin America to a global operation with channels in Europe, Latin America and Asia. As a consultant, she is a Partner at the TMT consulting firm Altman Solon focused on building their media practice in the US and internationally. Prior to joining Altman Solon, Mary Ann was a Senior Advisor for OC&C Strategy Consultants and a Senior Managing Director for FTI’s Consulting. Independently she advised media and entertainment organizations, like FIFA, Eleven Sports, RCN Television (Colombia) and Pearl TV. Mary Ann brings a wealth of experience and a broad network in both the global and the North American markets, especially the US market – a core market for MGI’s ad software platform, and thus brings valuable experience and knowledge of the media sector and the US market to the board. Mary Ann has vast experience as a board member for companies in the media space including Triton Media Group and Edison Nation.

Current positions: Partner at Altman Solon, Executive in Residence at Progress Partners

Holdings in the Company: None.

Independent in relation to the company, company management and major shareholders.