Mergers and Acquisitions

MGI has acquired over 40 accretive companies and assets in recent years. Until 2020, the targets were mostly smaller companies which, among other things, did not have sufficient prospects in the market due to their size as a standalone company. Through integration and re-focus after the acquisition, primarily via synergies and economies of scale, the companies were able to quickly generate positive contribution margins, so that the acquisitions paid off after a short time and contributed to MGI’s strong growth.

Additionally, due to the scale achieved, MGI has shifted its focus more towards larger and profitable companies and was able to complete the two large and transformative acquisitions, KingsIsle and Smaato in 2021. Both of these acquisitions saw purchase prices exceeding EUR 100 million each. With LKQD, Beemray and Match2One, three further, much smaller but equally strategically important, acquisitions were completed in 2021, adding essential technologies to MGI’s Ad Software Platform and significant expertise in the form of FTEs to the group. With the acquisition of AxesInMotion and Dataseat in 2022, MGI acquired two missing pieces for its advertising software.