Stockholm, June 14, 2023Media and Games Invest SE (“MGI” or the “Company”, ISIN: SE0018538068; ticker M8G; Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market and Scale Segment Frankfurt Stock Exchange), a fast-growing ad-software platform that matches global advertiser demand with publisher ad-supply while improving results through a.o. first-party data from its own games, announced that it has partnered with Cedara as its global sustainability partner.

Cedara will be supporting MGI – including its global advertising platform Verve Group and online and mobile game publisher Gamigo Group – to comprehensively measure its emissions. Sustainability has been an important goal for MGI for many years, with MGI achieving carbon neutrality through carbon reductions as well as compensation of emissions. Together with Cedara, MGI and its leadership would like to build on what has been achieved and continue to work on where and how energy output can be reduced.

Cedara’s Enterprise solution enables granular mapping of carbon emissions across all scopes (1,2 and 3) based on Cedara’s Media Taxonomy, which is built within the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol framework. Its automated omnichannel, campaign emissions measurement and deep business intelligence will be crucial in showing the effects of campaign-level emissions. With their experience and understanding of the advertising technology industry, Cedara is the right partner for MGI to unlock further optimization potential.

“It is no longer enough to think of ‘sustainability’ through a corporate social responsibility lens only.  The environment is as much a factor in the growth and development of our operations, and we are tackling it with the same fervor as we have done with other parts of our business,” said Remco Westermann, Chief Executive Officer of MGI.  “Digital advertising and gaming industries are producing substantial emissions due to online gaming streaming and the delivery of campaigns between advertisers and publishers.  All of MGI’s stakeholders will benefit from this partnership with Cedara, and our clients and shareholders will benefit knowing that MGI is taking a defined approach to further substantially reduce its carbon footprint and continue to be carbon neutral.”

Remco Westermann noted that one of the key components in choosing Cedara was its curation of carbon removal projects and its novel approaches on helping MGI uncover new ways to offset both corporate and campaign-level emissions. Additionally, Cedara is not only capable of measuring all scopes, but also can map carbon emissions for multiple businesses including gaming.

“We were impressed with the capacity that MGI delivers across the globe, and it provided us an opportunity to show where we could help all of its business units,” said David Shaw, CEO of Cedara. “We’re eager to show all of MGI how to build a more effective carbon map, make investment decisions and accelerate efforts to substantially reduce its carbon footprint across its media supply chain.”

Remco Westermann noted that MGI will formally start its partnership with Cedara at the 2023 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, where Verve Group will host a launch event with Cedara on Wednesday, June 21 at 4:00 PM.

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