• Moments.AI™ is a next-generation data platform and the first of its kind to provide its customers with high-quality, real-time contextual targeting for advertisers without relying on cookies or identifiers.
  • In an advertising market that is disrupted by the deprecation of identifiers, Moments.AI is a key component to offer advertisers a holistic solution for their advertising campaigns and is now made available to MGI’s software clients in North America, the largest and rapidly growing market for programmatic contextual advertising.
  • Moment.AI™ is an innovative product based on Beemray’s software code, which was acquired by MGI in 2021 and has been integrated into MGI’s advertising software platform, making it a good example of MGI’s “Buy. Integrate. Build & Improve.”-strategy.


March 09, 2022 – Media and Games Invest SE (“MGI” or the “Company”, ISIN: MT0000580101; ticker M8G; Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market and Scale Segment Frankfurt Stock Exchange) today announced the launch of Moments.AI™, the first of its kind, real-time contextual targeting solution for brands in North America, further strengthening its position as a leader in privacy-first advertising solutions.

Moments.AI™ is an innovative product based on the software code of the context specialist Beemray, which was acquired by MGI in 2021. Moments.AI™ empowers marketers to maximize their outcome without cookies or identifiers. Following the acquisition, Beemray’s software was further developed and integrated into MGI’s advertising software platform and is now made available in North America under the brand Moments.AI™.

Contextual platforms have historically been held back by slow processing times, poor quality of content classification, and a lack of accuracy in targeting. With Moments.AI™, brands can access fresh content instantly with high-quality contextual segments curated towards capturing consumer attention based on visual content analysis, keywords, semantics, and meta tags — all within milliseconds. 16+ data points attached to the confidence score of the classified content allow for precise and accurate audience targeting. Moments.AI™’s breakthrough pre-bid technology and in-flight optimizations can scale contextual advertising campaigns on the open internet by activating content as it is published.

With personalized targeting diminishing, as evidenced by Apple’s IDFA and Google’s Privacy Sandbox changes, contextual advertising offers a high market potential. According to the experts at Global Industry Analysts Inc., the global market for contextual advertising is expected to grow to USD 335bn by 2026, which corresponds to a CAGR of +13%. In the U.S., revenues are expected to have reached approximately USD 57bn by 2021, representing +32% of global revenues.

Pioneered over five years and tried and tested for the rigors of GDPR in Europe, Moments.AI™ presents a new opportunity for North American brands to access contextually relevant audiences efficiently and seamlessly. Brands can target trending topics and increase performance from highly engaged audiences in a brand-safe manner, providing an opportunity to move away from clicks and to optimize towards consumer attention instead. More than 700 IAB and 11 GARM brand-safe segments can be accessed, or custom segments can be created to achieve campaign goals.

Based on the leading technology of Moments.AI™, the already strong market growth and the additional potential due to disruptive changes in the field of identifiers and cookies, the management expects Moments.AI™ to contribute positively to MGI’s organic revenue growth in 2022 and to further accelerate the MGI flywheel.

Remco Westermann, CEO of MGI:

Moments.AI™ is a wonderful example of our innovation driven DNA combined with accretive acquisitions. By implementing the acquired Beemray software into our ad-software platform, we have build the Moments AI™ product, saved time and have been able to roll-out a solution well before our competitors to once more drive better results for our advertisers and publishers in a cookie-less world. Like with ATOM, we started with Moments.AI™ early on to prepare ourselves for a world without identifiers and cookies. Moments.AI™ is another step forward in realizing our ambition to become one of the top 5 advertising software platforms in the world based on an innovative, transparent and open-source approach.”

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