• Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting approves new name blockescence plc
  • New board constitution reflects blockescence’s investment focus
  • blockescence introduces blockchain technology to the online-gaming industry
  • New Symbol “BCK”

Valletta, 1 June 2018. At the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting held yesterday in Valletta, the shareholders of solidare real estate holding plc (WKN: AA1JGT0; ISIN: MT0000580101) approved to change the company’s name to blockescence plc, appointed two new directors and with the change of the Articles of Association confirmed the new investment focus of the company. blockescence plc will be trading under the Symbol “BCK”, whereby the WKN and ISIN will remain unchanged.

The new investment strategy of blockescence puts focus on acquiring key market players in suitable industries, where the implementation of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT or blockchain technology) by experienced management will create value.           

As part of the implementation of this strategy, the company has recently acquired 100% of the shares in Samarion S.E., Düsseldorf (“Samarion”), which in turn holds 35.5% shares and 53.05% voting rights in gamigo AG, Hamburg (“gamigo”), one of the leading companies in online gaming in Europe. gamigo has already started to implement blockchain technology in one of its largest games and is also launch-partner of The GamerToken, building a gamers-market place for trading so called “unique items” (such as e.g. rare skins). 

With 85.8% of the shareholders being present at the extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, all agenda items were approved with 100% of the votes.

The newly constituted Board of Directors has elected Mr. Remco Westermann as its new Chairman. Furthermore Mr. Tobias M. Weitzel was elected as independent Director, replacing Mr. Patrick Rehberger, who has stepped down. Mr. René Müller will continue to serve in his function as Director.

Remco Westermann has successfully managed gamigo AG for the past five years. He is an experienced general manager, entrepreneur and investor, with over 25 years of experience in various roles in media and mobile industries, including his role as a consultant with Adstrat and managing director and board member at Sonera, Sonera Zed, Bob Mobile, Cliq Digital, Samarion and gamigo AG.

Tobias M. Weitzel is the sole shareholder and CEO of BSK Becker+Schreiner Kommunikation GmbH, active investor and is a member of the Board of Financial Experts Association e.V. (FEA), the first professional association for financial experts on supervisory boards, since 2012.

 “More and more people realize the strong impact that Blockchain technology will have in the near future. Focus shifts from innovative start-ups towards companies that are agile but also are having the critical mass and money to implement and roll-out blockchain concepts for real industry cases. The GamerToken initiative, with roll-out being secured via gamigo, has already been widely recognized in the online gaming industry, receiving very positive feedback and also convincing other gaming companies to onboard. With the help of blockchain we are able to create a new secure eco-systems that will enable faster growth for our partners and us. With blockescence’s investment focus we create the unique opportunity to acquire companies and roll-out similar growth enabling blockchain based concepts in other sectors.“, commented Remco Westermann.

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blockescence is one of the first investment firms that focuses on using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT or blockchain technology) to create value in its own portfolio companies. blockescence implements blockchain-technology in real industries, which can be disrupted by it and follows a “buy, improve & sell” strategy. It is based in Valletta, Malta and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as well as on XETRA and has a subsidiary in Zug, Switzerland.