April 29, 2024 (13:45 CEST) – MGI – Media and Games Invest SE (“MGI” or the “Company”, ISIN: SE0018538068; Ticker: M8G; Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market and Scale Segment Frankfurt Stock Exchange) announces the release of ATOM 3.0, an industry-first on-device targeting solution for iOS that gives mobile marketers the ability to meaningfully predict the traits of anonymous users in a privacy compliant manner, providing a significant competitive advantage in an ecosystem where 75 percent of iOS users opt out of tracking, with a similar trend predicted on Android.

By utilizing cutting-edge on-device AI technology, ATOM processes mobile device signals and real-world context to predict user traits and classify them into cohorts, providing advertisers with the tools needed to deliver highly personalized advertising experiences while ensuring full compliance with privacy regulations.

Originally launched in 2021, ATOM 3.0 is now seamlessly integrated with MGI’s HyBid SDK. The HyBid SDK provides advertisers with access to over 1.5 billion users across more than 10,000 apps worldwide. This unparalleled scale makes ATOM 3.0 the only currently available scalable solution for targeting ID-less users on mobile, ensuring that advertisers and publishers can maintain addressability and engagement with their audience while respecting user choice.

To foster widespread adoption and maximize its impact across the digital advertising ecosystem, ATOM 3.0 will be made available for free for publishers and advertisers at the start, whereas based on substantially improved targeting possibilities, higher CPM’s will be achieved.

Remco Westermann, CEO of MGI

The development of a scalable solution for privacy conform ID-less targeting is a big opportunity in a strongly changing advertising environment. Following our initial release now approximately 3 years ago, we took the time to significantly further develop ATOM and to strategically integrate it into our trusted HyBid SDK, streamlining implementation for thousands of publishers and enabling them to connect to billions of users. This seamless approach not only simplifies adoption for publishers, but also significantly enhances ATOM’s potential to meet advertisers’ reach requirements. With the launch of ATOM 3.0, we introduce a very promising product that aligns the interests of publishers and advertisers with consumer privacy expectations.”

 ATOM in Short

  • By analyzing a wide array of device signals and real-world contexts, such as app usage pattern, session duration, session depth, gestures, screen brightness and more, ATOM 3.0’s sophisticated on-device machine learning models offer cohorts spanning across 10 key categories, including Behavioral, Demographic, Mobility, Attention, Engagement, and also can classify users into special cohorts like “Tech Enthusiasts”, “Active Gamers”, “Health and Fitness Advocates”, and “Frequent Shoppers” without user data ever leaving the device.
  • Ad requests can be enriched with the cohorts to help advertisers make better decisions when IDs are unavailable. This method provides advertisers with the tools needed to deliver highly personalized advertising experiences while ensuring full compliance with privacy regulations, as no personal identifying information is transferred to third parties.
  • As the digital advertising ecosystem grapples with the disappearance of traditional identifiers, the integration of ATOM 3.0 into MGI’s Hybid SDK emerges as the only currently available scalable solution designed to future-proof advertising strategies against evolving privacy regulations and shifting consumer expectations.

 To learn more about ATOM, please visit the ATOM website at: https://verve.com/atom/

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